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The Reasons Behind the Spectacularity of Indonesian Vanilla 

Indonesian Vanilla Beans are highly regarded by chefs around the world, but despite the sheer quantity of vanilla beans produced in the country that is often called the ‘Heaven of Earth’, Indonesia is often forgotten when mentioning the renowned spice responsible for beloved desserts, pastries, and perfumes. So, let’s take a look at the extraordinary vanilla beans produced in Indonesia.

Indonesian Spice Trade: Coffee, Vanilla, Cocoa, and More

The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia is most famous for its coffee bean and spice production. Indonesia’s tropical weather is not only ideal for producing some of the world’s best coffee, but it is also optimal for the cultivation of a wide variety of spices, such as cloves and nutmeg. Often unrealized by the masses, though, is the fact that Indonesia is the second-largest producer of vanilla beans with the total of production reaching 2.304 Tons Per Year, only surpassed by Madagascar with the total of production reach 2.926 Tons Per Year according to

What Makes Indonesian Vanilla Beans Distinctive?

Indonesian Vanilla is truly fantastic. Most of the beans grown on the islands are Planifolia varieties, which have typical Sweet, Creamy, Woody, Dried Fruit, and Spices Hint. The climate, soil properties, and curing practices all contribute to a unique, smoky flavor with earthy undertones. It is a prized bean to use in rich desserts, chocolates, and caramels. That same smokiness that pairs so well with sweet treats also supplies an unexpected lift to savory dishes like barbecue sauce, curries, brown butter, and even cream sauce.

Vanilla beans that are grown and cured in Indonesia hold up remarkably well in heated applications due to the amount of sun the vanilla receives in the drying process. The results are a bean that is slightly less pliable than other Planifolia, but the strength of the pod houses thick and pungent vanilla caviar that maintains its unique flavor properties and rich aroma in extracts, ice creams, and other delectables.

Indonesian vanilla beans are primarily grown on farms in Java island, and their cultivation has spread to many regions such as Sulawesi, Sumatera, Kalimantan, NTT, NTB, Bali, and Papua Island while the processing is done at each region or farm.


How Will the Madagascar Tsunami and Flood Impact the Indonesian Vanilla Trade?

By understanding how the bulk of Indonesian vanilla beans is processed might leave you wondering how the Madagascar tsunami tragedy will affect the Vanilla Bean Trade—especially after witnessing the drastic increases in vanilla prices after Madagascar vanilla crops were decimated by a cyclone in 2017. And after the disaster in Madagascar, Indonesia has taken over some of the vanilla bean demand from the global market by providing little relief to the global vanilla market in 2017 with a crop size of around 150mt. By 2019, Indonesia’s vanilla bean production had reached 75 mt. According to, in 2020, Indonesia was ranked 2nd with a share in export of 6.34% with a surplus-value of 57.10 Million USD and expected to increase by 2022-2025. There are a lot of people who are concerned that the drop in supply would fuel a lasting negative impact on the vanilla trade.

Madagascar’s deadly tropical storms that cause floods with landslides in January 2022 could potentially affect the price of vanilla beans worldwide. The disaster combined with COVID-19 pandemics induces a shortage of vanilla bean stocks while demands around the world are still increasing. As of now, it doesn’t appear that Indonesian vanilla production will be negatively impacted.

Let’s not forget that even though vanilla production in Indonesia has dramatically increased, the farmers and businesses were still badly hit by the pandemics. Through the Ministry of Trade and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry who give rise to the market of vanilla bean commodities, we are confident that we can partake and contribute to the welfare of Indonesian farmers by selling the finest vanilla beans from Indonesia. Agrapana spices are proud to be supported by our great partners and farmers who have expertise in vanilla cultivation in a mission to improve the local vanilla development.

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