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Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is a sustainable raw material made of food industry by-products. It is also known as waste cooking oil, because it refers to edible oils and fats’ leftovers used for cooking or frying in food industry, restaurants, and households, etc.

It can be collected and recycled into a variety of products, including biodiesel, biolubricants, and animal feed. UCO is a sustainable and renewable resource that can help to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

The usage of UCO : 

  • UCO is a low-carbon feedstock for biofuel production. It has a lower carbon footprint than conventional fossil fuels, such as petroleum diesel.
  • UCO can help to reduce pollution. When it is disposed of improperly, UCO can pollute waterways and contribute to climate change. Recycling UCO helps to prevent this pollution.




Level Specification

Free Fatty Acid

Max 5%

Moisture & Impurities

Max 2%

Iodine Value

55 – 60 %

Saponafication Value

190 – 230


Max 50 ppm

Characteristic   : Brown Liquid with Characteristics Odor

Standards         : ISCC Certificate

Packing            : Flexi bag 21.5 MT

Origin              : Indonesia

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