Agrapana Agrikultur Perkasa is an Indonesian export company that delivering the best sources Of Indonesia's Finest Coconut derivatives Products and Spices to the world.
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We always research every commodity that we are going to sell or supply. We believe that every commodity have their own potential and we are here to help our buyer to get the best products from the Indonesia archipelago.


We are committed to giving the best for our customers. Therefore, All of the products that are available already pass our development test, trial, and 3 times of quality control.


We always do our businesses with integrity and professionalism. We put it in every aspect of our businesses.


We believe that doing our businesses and caring about sustainability will give a great impact on our company, customers, and society.

Why Choose Us?

PT. Agrapana Agrikultur Perkasa already sent our products to regular customers from various countries from South East Asia, East Asia, Europe, the USA, & the Middle East.

They trusted us from small amounts until regular bulk orders because of our product consistencies and services, Customer satisfaction is our goal.

From a small company to one of the biggest flavor and food factories are our regular customers, so don’t hesitate to do business with us!

Vision and Mission

Company Mission

We strive to take part in improving Indonesia’s Agriculture scene and the welfare of our local farmers.

Company Vision

By giving our local farmers a better living by direct and fair trade and encouraging fellow Indonesian younger generation to contribute by providing example for them.

Coconut Products
Agrapana only delivering the best of Indonesia's Finest Coconut derivatives products
Product Specifications
Premium Vanilla Beans
We Sell Planifolia & Tahitensis Vanilla Beans and other products of vanilla beans according to consumer demand with affordable price, perfect build and premium qualityProduct
Product Specifications
Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette
Agrapana Coco’s charcoal briquette is made of granular coconut shell charcoal that is crushed charcoal and molded using a natural binder with the best quality raw material from Sulawesi, and Sumatera regions. We make coconut charcoal briquettes for both Shisha/Hookah and barbeque use.
Product Specification
Indonesia Premium Spices
Indonesia is known as one of the best spice producing countries in the world. Based on data from the Foor and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2016, Indonesia was ranked fourth as a spice producer in the world
Our Spices Products
Essential Oil / Minyak Atsiri
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