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We have 2 varieties of Vanilla beans (Planifolia and Tahitensis Vanilla Bean)Planifolia & Tahitensis vanilla beans are the most common variant in the global market. Both of these variants have their own distinctive characteristics for the aroma and the taste. 

Planifolia vanilla bean is an ancestral plant of all vanilla orchids and is the most common species of vanilla. This variant of vanilla has a strong, rich, creamy, sweet, and chocolatey aroma. The beans are thick skinned and longer than the Tahitensis vanilla bean. They also contain more vanillin content than Tahitensis vanilla beans. Vanillin is a natural flavor in vanilla beans that has certain benefits for the body such as giving you the calming effect, relieving stress, and increasing the antioxidant intake.

Tahitensis vanilla beans are generally shorter, plumper, and contain more oil and water content than Planifolia beans. The aroma is Fruity, Floral, Cherry, Licorice, Prunes (Stronger than Planifolia). Gourmet pastry chefs love to work with the Tahitian (Tahitensis) variety, which is perfect for many applications. Even though vanilla Tahitensis has a shorter size than Vanilla planifolia, yet the aroma is sharper.



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